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Dr. Rhäzēs Concentrated Vegetable & Fruit Wash 500 ML

Dr. Rhäzēs Concentrated Vegetable & Fruit Wash 500 ML. Brand: Dr. Rhäzēs. Product Type: Vegetable & Fruit Wash. Capacity: 500 ML. Kill 99.9% of Bacteria, Germs. Kills 99.9% Virus such as E. Coli on produces. Made from 100% Organic food-grade ingredients. Retain freshness and extend the shelf life of a vegetable. No SLS/ SLES used cleansing agent. Removes Formalin. PH – Balanced.
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Manufacturer: Dr Rhazes
Vendor: HospitalAid

Even before the pandemic, most people have always wondered how many pesticides they have ingested. No matter how thoroughly fruits and vegetables are washing, trace amounts of pesticides, wax, dirt, and impurities are always present. Washing vegetables with other cleaners might ruin the taste of the vegetables or damage the nutrients present, a lose-lose situation. Therefore, PriyoShop has brought to you the Dr. Rhäzēs Concentrated Vegetable & Fruit Wash 500 ML. Effectively remove wax, pesticide, fungal, dirt from produce without affecting the taste.

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